Witty Wisdoms

It’s official – Past mistakes can lead to copious amounts of comfort food accompanied by the watching of the rom-est of romcoms, excessive reflecting on life choices and most importantly: making bad new ones. Which, after the fact, can usually all be blamed on wine (and the likes). But there is also wisdom to be gained in our losses, like there is in most things in our lives. So looking back on minor fuck-ups may bode well for avoiding them in the future – and these pensive ponderings I will be sharing will (hopefully) be the birthing ground of new wisdoms and better approaches to myself, love and life in general. Here’s hoping!

  • ‘Real’.
    Sometimes I have these days where I feel a bit disconnected from the world around me. I don’t know if disconnected is the right word to use, because it’s not really what I mean exactly. They’re days where I feel a little fuzzy. Not theContinue reading “‘Real’.”
  • Quitting to win.
    When I was younger I played a lot of tennis. A lot a lot of tennis. And I loved it, until I didn’t. But that’s not really the point of that first line. Because I was looking back at my shiny tennis career (just kidding,Continue reading “Quitting to win.”
  • Stone-age Love
    The beautiful thing about books, for me, is the power there is in rereading them. There’s books that feel like old friends, that I’ll pick up every once in a while and read, even though I’ve plowed through them 20 times before. And each timeContinue reading “Stone-age Love”
  • Popular Girl Brain
    Tricky topic today!One I actually doubted to post about, even, for a while. Just because, yaknow. Tricky.Mostly because I like to be seen as a nice person, even though I’m quite aware of my (many) flaws and the fact that I am, in fact, notContinue reading “Popular Girl Brain”
  • Clueless – Blissfully Unaware
    A lot of the reflecting that I do is brain-related. Or well, I obviously don’t mean the gushy slimy grey matter lump sitting there in your skull, but the brainy things connected to intelligence, or consciousness or awareness and patterns/behaviors that it controls. It’s funContinue reading “Clueless – Blissfully Unaware”
  • A fresh view
    A lot of the work I do these days is writing and rewriting texts that we’re to use in our bids. Limited by formatting and word restrictions – this means that I spend parts of my days reworking rough drafts of text to ‘fitting’ end-versionsContinue reading “A fresh view”
  • Selfcare – Reboot
    Today I’m feeling like my mobile phone. Sort of. Antropomorphisation turn-around. Dehumanization, but not really. I just feel like my needs (or human needs in general) are very similar to our phones these days. Especially when it comes to rebooting. I used to work atContinue reading “Selfcare – Reboot”
  • Candy Crushed
    Most of my mornings start off with me in the warm comfort of my blanket-and-pillow-nest, unwilling to get up and face the cold. Which usually translates to me slacking off on my phone for about 30 minutes to an hour, before dragging myself from myContinue reading “Candy Crushed”
  • Forget-me-yes
    This weekend, in an attempt to be a healthy person, I decided a brisk walk in the fresh air would do me some good. Plus, any excuse to play some more Pokemon Go is a valid one, I figured. Gotta hatch them eggs somehow, right?Continue reading “Forget-me-yes”
  • Focus – The Spotlight effect
    Earlier this week , while I was burying myself in the sugary haze of a marzipan cake (better than booze, I’m arguing), I literally broke the knife while attempting to carve through the crust of this thing. As in – I actually broke the bladeContinue reading “Focus – The Spotlight effect”

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Welcome to my personal slice of madness on the interwebs. There’s not been many constants in my life – but writing has always been one of them. And how better to display the results of all that practice, than by showing the world exactly what resides in my brain. The only way I know how to: in words.

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