Witty Wisdoms

It’s official – Past mistakes can lead to copious amounts of comfort food accompanied by the watching of the rom-est of romcoms, excessive reflecting on life choices and most importantly: making bad new ones. Which, after the fact, can usually all be blamed on wine (and the likes). But there is also wisdom to be gained in our losses, like there is in most things in our lives. So looking back on minor fuck-ups may bode well for avoiding them in the future – and these pensive ponderings I will be sharing will (hopefully) be the birthing ground of new wisdoms and better approaches to myself, love and life in general. Here’s hoping!

  • Forget-me-yes
    This weekend, in an attempt to be a healthy person, I decided a brisk walk in the fresh air would do me some good. Plus, any excuse to play some more Pokemon Go is a valid one, I figured. Gotta hatch them eggs somehow, right?Continue reading “Forget-me-yes”
  • Focus – The Spotlight effect
    Earlier this week , while I was burying myself in the sugary haze of a marzipan cake (better than booze, I’m arguing), I literally broke the knife while attempting to carve through the crust of this thing. As in – I actually broke the bladeContinue reading “Focus – The Spotlight effect”
  • Personal Blogging – Patterns
    As someone with a strong focus on efficiency and a goal-oriented mindset, I’m used to analyzing the things I’m doing (or have done) in order to discern the patterns that will allow me to bend the rules of the game as much to my favorContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Patterns”
  • Comfort Delusions
    There’s this thing I do that always makes me hate myself a little bit when I catch myself doing it. Which is, sadly, quite often. But that’s just what happens seeing as I’m a stubborn old goat and stick to bad habits as vigorously asContinue reading “Comfort Delusions”
  • Fiercely Villainous
    There’s two sides to every story, so I’ve come to learn in my life growing up. It’s, however, the willingness to be open to both that is a real lesson to learn. It’s a work in progress, for me. As a child from a familyContinue reading “Fiercely Villainous”
  • Demons
    Me and my demons are intimately acquainted. I spent a good long while hunting them all down. Getting to know their ways. Learning their names. Hearing their stories and listening to their whispers. I found the places they dwell, the nooks and crannies where theyContinue reading “Demons”
  • Some peace and…clarity?
    Is that too much to ask? Somehow I think I missed an exit somewhere to the great barren land of isolation that my grandma (and pretty much the entire world of blogging) seems to have wandered into since the descent of ‘the big C’. BecauseContinue reading “Some peace and…clarity?”
  • No Ragrets!
    Regret: feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that one has done or failed to do).Mistake: an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong. Apparently it’s the week of ‘tell Zoë she’s wrong about things!‘ (which, to be fair, is not one-week-a-year-occurrence) with peopleContinue reading “No Ragrets!”
  • The Need for Speed
    In todays episode of ‘connecting completely separate things in totally unlogical ways’:The speed limiter on my car and it’s relevance in personal development!DUNDUNDUN.You guys ready for this? It’s gon be farfetched and awesome. I pwomise. You know me by now! So. This morning I’m inContinue reading “The Need for Speed”
  • Darkness
    Today I am pondering the concept of darkness. Just to keep it ‘light‘ on your Saturday reading, right? Wrong. It’s not going to be the basic ‘light-and-shadow-y‘ absence of light in our day to day lives, but the more metaphorical shape it may take, thatContinue reading “Darkness”

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