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Getting over ‘it’.

There’s still a lot of times each week that I get a sharp little ping that reminds me that I’m (still) not over ‘it’. A nasty little jab, a painful tiny sting, a searing jolt in the side – just to remind me there’s still a world of hurt right there, in plain sight. AndContinue reading “Getting over ‘it’.”

Measuring your life in exes.

People have a tendency to measure things in units that make little to no sense (and no, I’m not just talking about Americans and their weird as fuck semi-imperial-fuck-up-system – GO METRIC) for no added perks. Take students for example, who manage to completely forgo the normal ‘money’ concept and start measuring things in beersContinue reading “Measuring your life in exes.”

On holes and healing

Have you ever tried chewing when there’s a wound the size of a cashew on the inside of your bottom lip? Right where the canines are? It’s pretty much impossible. I can vouch for this. Last week was a tough week, and I’m one of these people who chews their lip when they’re nervous orContinue reading “On holes and healing”


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