The monsters under the bed.

Have you ever worked yourself up into hysterics? For no apparent reason? With fullblown dedication? I have. Just last night, actually. Reading scary stories before bed? Turns out you’re never old enough for that. So I slept with all windows and doors closed (as usual). And the lights on. Like a baby.I forced myself outContinue reading “The monsters under the bed.”

A lesson learned. A losing game.

Some images evoke stories. Words. Dialogue. And some have the power to evoke emotions. That in turn take form in words. Like this one above, sent to me by a friend as a daily dose of peptalk. Only to lead to the poem found below: A losing game We were always at odds. Yet ohContinue reading “A lesson learned. A losing game.”

Personal Blogging – Dirty little secret

It’s only been a month and a half since I (re)booted this blog and got back into the writing game. But boy, does it feel like an eternity already. It’s strange how something ‘new‘ can just settle itself into your life and feel like it’s always had a place there. Which, when it comes toContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Dirty little secret”

Oldschool Deep

Sometimes you can’t help but accidentally overhear conversations and in doing so catch a glimpse of the unknown lives of random strangers. And admittedly…sometimes I can’t help myself…and listen in on purpose. There’s too much interesting things around us not to eavesdrop once in a while. Shame on me. I know. 0 shreds of decencyContinue reading “Oldschool Deep”

Set(ting yourself) up to Fail.

Life often throws us challenges that we can either buckle up for and endure, or succumb to. Life, in that sense is unforgiving. It’s a do or die situation all day, every day and when it’s sink or swim your options are very limited. But we, as a species, seem to have come to theContinue reading “Set(ting yourself) up to Fail.”

Fit for the Masquerade

‘Are you wearing….make-up!?!?!?’ I got that question not once….not twice…but a whopping six times last week. Merely because I opted for a blue and a green eyeliner on two occasions, instead of the usual black and grey. Seeing as those questions actually came from men, I suppose I should be honored that they…you know….noticed….Yet itContinue reading “Fit for the Masquerade”

Writing to a rhythm

Much of my current work consists of me writing texts in reply to certain questions by certain parties (can I be any more vague? Yes I can.). These texts are in answer to concrete questions, but must also contain content that answer the query behind the question (hopefully). Tender, or bid-management is mostly focused onContinue reading “Writing to a rhythm”

Friends in strange places

The company I work at has an intriguing population of employees that vary from young and spunky worldchangers to experienced and high-skilled field-experts (that are often a bit on the agey side). And naturally, the higher up you progress in the company, the greyer the heads get (with exceptions, of course). I suppose that that’sContinue reading “Friends in strange places”

Regression towards the Mean

If there is one thing I’ve learned in high school – is that math is an inevitable part of life. It doesn’t matter that you may never actively use it outside of that classroom, it doesn’t matter that you will forget the ways to calculate those nifty formulas as soon as the books close, itContinue reading “Regression towards the Mean”