Wardrobe Mystery

There’s a mystery that lives in my dressing room. I say dressing room – but that’s actually just a fancy word for the spare bedroom that is home to my two huge wardrobes and the bed/couch-creation that contains all of the laundry-I-didn’t-yet-fold. Foldin’ laundy is the fucking worst of the entire world of chores imho.Continue reading “Wardrobe Mystery”

I bruise easily!

Contrasts in color have always fascinated me. Especially when these contrasts are taking place on bodies.Take tanlines in the summer for instance, I love the days when the sickly white of my ‘winterlook’ is sharply marked against the crisp golden brown of sunkissed skin. Mostly because I get reaaaally pale when I don’t leave theContinue reading “I bruise easily!”