Puzzling Poetry

Writing has always come quite naturally to me (gee, does that sound conceded, or what). And right from the very start of me using a pen (or keyboard) to capture the words strewn through my brain and perched on my – I’ve found ways to string them along in what some might call poetry.

Thing is.

I know nothing about poetry.

Nothing about meter, rhyming schemes, verses or genres. Nothing about rules and norms and preferences of prose. I just put words in an order that amuses me, and hope for the best. But still – seeing as these particular outbursts do seem to warrant their own category in my portfolio, and in order for them not to get needlessly lost in the haystack that is my writing (dya see what I did there?!) – have a glance at my Puzzling Poetry.

  • Ripples
    ShallowBarely hereA ripple in the water.My heart whispers to yoursIts dirty little secretIn words left unspoken.  Too clear.Too near.To the core, to the centre,To the goddamn middleOf the soul that resides here.  FaintBarely thereA sigh on theContinue reading “Ripples”
  • New
    When I say it is different..When I say it is new..When I say pasts are over…Will you see my words true?Because I know that I mean them..Because I know that they’re real…Because I know they say muchContinue reading “New”
  • Purpose
    You built me a bench onceWood as black as my soulIt used to remind meOf a time I was whole.  It fell right apart thoughStraight from the startAnd seeing it in piecesWas ever so hard  Until IContinue reading “Purpose”
  • Bitter tastes
    Honeyed lies drank from poisoned lipsLaid my careful plans to wasteThose empty words and hidden bitesAte me up insideYet I’m still craving a taste.  Because all we really seem to wantIs what might kill us fastest.Consumed byContinue reading “Bitter tastes”
  • The End
    The final wish’s been spoken,The final word’s been said,The final die’s been cast,Now all that’s left’s regret. So I’ll just blast this on repeat,Until I believe those words,Because when all is said and done,Only real love reallyContinue reading “The End”