Puzzling Poetry

Writing has always come quite naturally to me (gee, does that sound conceded, or what). And right from the very start of me using a pen (or keyboard) to capture the words strewn through my brain and perched on my – I’ve found ways to string them along in what some might call poetry.

Thing is.

I know nothing about poetry.

Nothing about meter, rhyming schemes, verses or genres. Nothing about rules and norms and preferences of prose. I just put words in an order that amuses me, and hope for the best. But still – seeing as these particular outbursts do seem to warrant their own category in my portfolio, and in order for them not to get needlessly lost in the haystack that is my writing (dya see what I did there?!) – have a glance at my Puzzling Poetry.

  • Treetop Highs
    I realize you’re watching,And feel that you see me,Even when your shadow is all that you show. Your presence is with me,And I feel you judging,But the truth of your heart I will never know. Because you’reContinue reading “Treetop Highs”
  • Stranded
    In the midst of all this water In the lake of tears I cried I sit here on my island Trying nothing but to hide From what’s falling down around me And the ruins left inside ConstantlyContinue reading “Stranded”
  • Empty.
    I want, so muchfor you to see me.But I’m scared you’ll seeright through the layersso carefully constructed to hideall that remains to be seen. Because when you truly see meand discover what lies beyond this faceI’m afraidContinue reading “Empty.”
  • Guilty
    Who locked the door on me, Who took away my sun. Who found a way to steal… All that I thought I had become? Who made my world go dark Who holds that smoking gun Who isContinue reading “Guilty”
  • The burn
    I let the heat engulf my body,As I slide into the water slow.Slip my head beneath the surface,And ponder what I know… While my oxygen runs out,And my chest begins to burn,Like it has these past fewContinue reading “The burn”