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One can only do so much girls nights and casual dating without having to attend to the normal daily routines. Plus – suggesting that ones life may only exist around (the search for) togetherness and that knight in shining armor may be somewhat vexing for those believing to be ‘more‘ than just pawns on the board of love. And honestly – there IS more to life (it’s just a hell of a lot less interesting to write about). But for those of you who might take up an interest in what I could possibly be getting up to in between disasters – this is a category to keep you posted. Warning: topics may include kittens, drooling over food items and total insanity.

  • Think twice
    It’s not often that you get smacked in the face with a truth so profound that it makes you swallow a whole lot of words you have carelessly said in the past. But it happens. As it did to me,Continue reading “Think twice”
  • A jab of truth
    Life… Is returning to normal. It might be slowly, but it definitely is surely. And as survivors of the 2020 pandemic (doesn’t that sound dramatic), we can definitely say that we made it through all of the 5 stages ofContinue reading “A jab of truth”
  • I should know better.
    Every day – and I literally mean every single day – I do things that can only be qualified as ‘stupid’. Actually, plainly and undeniably stupid. For no other reason than me, apparently, being a stupid person. Yet, every timeContinue reading “I should know better.”
  • Personal Blogging – The I-thing
    One of the lessons about writing that’s stuck with me throughout my entire writing career (even though calling my writing endeavors a career is very ambitious) is a very simple one. You should not start a sentence with I. NotContinue reading “Personal Blogging – The I-thing”
  • Wee smirk
    Man, I’m a sucker for accents. Totally and completely smitten with people who take sounding charming-as-fuck to the next level by putting a special layer of awesome on every word they speak. It’s probably a remnant from my youth-trauma, growingContinue reading “Wee smirk”
  • Resolutionizing – May
    Did we make it through the snow and drizzle? I sure fucking hope so!The massive sunburn I got yesterday when playing my first baseball-match (a 10-3 victorrrrryyyyy!) of the year-post-corona definitely suggests we might be on the road to betterContinue reading “Resolutionizing – May”
  • Nostalgia Googling
    Every now and then I get these moments where I suddenly see something that takes me back, way back. Moments where old memories come rushing in and where I’m flooded with nostalgia. Not saying that I’m THAT old, looking backContinue reading “Nostalgia Googling”
  • Defuse
    Everyone gets angry sometimes. Even the people who never seem to get angry. Those are apparently the ones to watch out for. You don’t have to watch out for me. Except for when I’m wielding a baseball bat. Or amContinue reading “Defuse”
  • Roots.
    Just so you know – I dreamed the newest Disney movie today. A lovely girl, pride of her village of birds, is taken to flight rock as a part of growing up. She is the kindest, most beautiful, loveliest ofContinue reading “Roots.”
  • Relative anonimity
    Do you remember phonebooks? The paper kind. Huge thick books that got delivered to your house every year containing the names, addresses and landline numbers to everyone you ever knew. Conveniently sorted village by village so that you could knowContinue reading “Relative anonimity”

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Welcome to my personal slice of madness on the interwebs. There’s not been many constants in my life – but writing has always been one of them. And how better to display the results of all that practice, than by showing the world exactly what resides in my brain. The only way I know how to: in words.

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