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One can only do so much girls nights and casual dating without having to attend to the normal daily routines. Plus – suggesting that ones life may only exist around (the search for) togetherness and that knight in shining armor may be somewhat vexing for those believing to be ‘more‘ than just pawns on the board of love. And honestly – there IS more to life (it’s just a hell of a lot less interesting to write about). But for those of you who might take up an interest in what I could possibly be getting up to in between disasters – this is a category to keep you posted. Warning: topics may include kittens, drooling over food items and total insanity.

  • Coffee Crime
    When it comes to being an attentive hostess, I’ve never been the most talented of household-goddesses. My idea of being a good host mainly hinges on the presence of a LOT of everything in the house. The service doesn’t reallyContinue reading “Coffee Crime”
  • In short!
    It’s official. I’m turning into one of those porch hag old bitter ladies. You know the type, sitting in their rocker, looking out over their tiny front yard and angrily shaking their fist at the youngsters passing by al raucously,Continue reading “In short!”
  • Dancing in the rain
    Yesterday I decided I could totally be one of those girls who can take her ass outside while dancing in the rain – being overjoyed with life regardless of torrential downpours.You know the ones, they’re main characters in the romcomsContinue reading “Dancing in the rain”
  • Missing the McNoms!
    Do you know what I miss most since we’ve been in various degrees of lockdown ‘round here in the Netherlands?It’s not human interaction. It’s not physical contact. It’s not being able to go wherever, whenever and not worry about witnessingContinue reading “Missing the McNoms!”
  • I bruise easily!
    Contrasts in color have always fascinated me. Especially when these contrasts are taking place on bodies.Take tanlines in the summer for instance, I love the days when the sickly white of my ‘winterlook’ is sharply marked against the crisp goldenContinue reading “I bruise easily!”
  • Busted!
    The type of neighborhood I live in is one of those close-knit communities where everyone knows everyone (as I’ve previously covered in my Christmas drama in a ‘Peer Pressure’ blog). This means that I have the type of neighbors whoContinue reading “Busted!”
  • Saved by the gum (!?!)
    Should the police be patting me down at some point during this year – one thing they’ll be sure to find on my person is going to be a pack of gum. Probably something hysterically berry or otherwise extremely flavored,Continue reading “Saved by the gum (!?!)”
  • Empty at 2021
    The blogosphere has exploded! The entirety of my feed is filled with ‘Goodbye 2020‘s, recaps, ‘New Year New Me’ resolutions and forecasts, terrible ‘21 blog posts ideas for 2021‘ (none of which actually sounds like viable ideas) posts and peopleContinue reading “Empty at 2021”
  • Lavender Hell
    My entire house smells of lavender right now.Which, seeing as it is widely regarded as a pleasant flowery fragrance, shouldn’t normally be too weird of a thing I guess. Unless you know me a little bit better and hence alsoContinue reading “Lavender Hell”
  • Get yo nails did. Or not.
    Nailpolish has always been a strange concept in my day to day life, I’ve come to realize. It’s always been sort of a luxury, sort of out of place, yet at the same time a necessity. A frustration and mostlyContinue reading “Get yo nails did. Or not.”

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Welcome to my personal slice of madness on the interwebs. There’s not been many constants in my life – but writing has always been one of them. And how better to display the results of all that practice, than by showing the world exactly what resides in my brain. The only way I know how to: in words.

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