Mad trickster

I spent twenty minutes googling toddler toys today. Itty bitty piano’s that are sure to drive any parent crazy. Various animals on wheels that move in no way similar to any actual creature. Things that are fluffy, or tentacly or otherwise textured to facilitate adventurous little bastards (and undoubtedly end up getting chewed and drooled on). Pretty much all the things that define a happy early childhood and belong to something I dread: kids.

But why did you do that Zoë?
Why would you do such a thing?

Well. Let me tell you.
After my recent online shopping trips over the past week – which had me looking at various Nintendo Switch games (now that I hijacked loverboys Switch and have access to games-I-really-wanna-play) and all of the boardgames. As well as luxury vacations on tropical islands seeing as a summer vacation period was blocked in the agenda AND pretty new peplum dresses after hoping that wearing actual clothes becomes a thing again…PLUS some IKEA shopping trips to replace my dieing bunch of real plants with convenient plastic ones….my whole Facebook, Insta, mobile games AND news sites feeds were completely saturated with things-I-actually-want-to-buy.

Everyone knows the internet is stalking us. We’ve all had these moments where they suddenly knew things you wanted or needed BEFORE you asked Google. The things about our behavior that are registered, analyzed and used against us are IMMENSE. Every cookie we accept is an entry into our brain AND wallet and thus something that ‘they’ use to control our consumerism addiction. We all know this.

It never phased me much before, really. I don’t really have anything to hide. I’ve always giggled at adds shifting in place after recent searches. I’ve always had some sort of respect to the things keyboard warriors can do to data to transform it into moneymoneymoney. Good for them, I reckon. So there’s no tin foil hats here. Or rigorous ad-blocking and cookie-deleting ways. Never really did anything to un-do my online footprint.

But now that my spring-cleaning brain is in full nesting-mode….
This well-suited ad-feed was becoming an issue. Because I’ve often spoke the words: The hole in my hand is bigger than China.
So when I’m constantly prompted with things-I-want….rest assured those wily marketing geniuses will get their way. I WILL fall for those advertisement traps.

So I spent 20 minutes full-on Googling crap I REALLY DON’T WANT. Hence the baby stuff. Because that is and always will be my never-interested area of hoarding. I will never need any of that crap. Something that only gets confirmed over and over again at every babyshower, post-birth-baby-admiration-dates and parties-with-young-kids-present. They ain’t for me. Biological clock broken.

So all of their necessities?
Safe from my purchase frenzy.
Unless it’s a plushie. I would totally still for a fuzzy and cuddly thing I can take to bed with me. But I managed to click around anything fitting that category. I’m safe.

For now.

19 thoughts on “Mad trickster

  1. HAha You Aren’t
    Fooling Anyone
    (Just A Guess
    Perhaps Jest)
    Yet You The


    Of Your
    Clock Is GRoWinG

    Zoe Alarming

    Yet Feel At
    Ease Only Your
    Shadow Knows

    It Accepting


    Its Perks

    When We Laugh

    At our Shadow



    The Baby

    Stuff In The
    Dark Recovering

    Free Again The



    Our Minds

    Are only

    Here To Appropriately

    Serve Our Shadow
    (Neo-Cortex Serving
    Well Established Reptile
    And Limbic Brains 🧠 Trinity







    And Yes Pregnant

    As LonG As You Express
    Your Shadow In Some
    Way oF Art You Will




    And Let it
    Go Off Until it Returns

    Again As You Sleep in Late 🍼


      1. You have to click on a bunch crosswalks and buses for about five minutes. Sometimes when you’re done with that YouTube still hates you and won’t let you watch anything, but if it works the algorithm is completely scrubbed clean and you will see an entirely new YouTube that you didn’t know existed.

        It’s a lot of work.


  2. I end up ordering things for my teenage daughters quite often, so Amazon probably thinks I’m some sort of cross-dressing-software-developer-motorbike-riding-cooking-workout-book-worm.

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  3. The worst thing about being tracked by algorithms is that they can’t “read the room”, when a pregnancy results in a miscarriage (been there) or a wedding has been called off (did that pre-algorithm tracking thankfully, must be the shits to have to do it now!) My Brother’s girlfriend died of an aneurism while he’d been shopping for an engagement ring! At a minimum we should be able to go into settings and say, “Remove all xyz ads.” Recovering Alcoholics don’t need advertisements for alcohol temptations either! There’s no empathy with bots!

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