Perfectly Amazing

Oftentimes, as the competitive person that I am – I think about the ways to excell in the things I do in life. Both my own achievements as well as my work-environment are aimed specifically at a constant abundance of goals, successes and ambition. To strive is a must, not an exception and to achieve is an expectation and never something special. There’s such a constant pressure to want better. Do better. Be better.

It makes it very easy to forget how exceptional life itself already is. It makes it very easy to overlook how special normalcy can already be. It makes it very easy to ignore how exhilaratingly amazing even the smallest components of our day to day lives already are.

And it’s when we lose this appreciation, that we find ourselves in the dangerous position of no longer ‘being enough’. Or ‘having enough’. Or ‘doing enough’. (Damn, I’m making a lot of triplepartstatements today)

I very often find myself writing down the things in my life that I encounter that feel extraordinarily ordinary to me. The things that make you as readers go ‘omfg, that’s so recognizable, even though I hadn’t thought about it like that in forever’. At least, that’s what I hope to be doing. They’re simple things, a lot of the time. Or things that we do so frequently that we forget to think about how special they are. The things that make up such a huge part of our lives without receiving the proper credit. And they deserve their moments in the spotlight, if ya ask me!

I mean – have you ever thought about breathing?
As in….actively thought of just HOW fucking amazing as fuck it is that we as a species can BREATHE?
Because to do this thing that is vital to our survival we have to meet up with SO many criteria that it is, in and of itself, a fucking miracle that we can. The amount of muscles, blood, movements and electric signals needed to take a single breath – is insane. Or like – even the physical make-up of our lungs. The intricacies of a single part of a body that contains more detail than the friggin’ Marvel Universe timelines. It’s mind-blowing to me.

We’re fucking supercomputers that have processes running in the background that we barely take notice of. SO many processes that we forget to be thankful that this computer can even run at all. We’re torturing ourselves with being better at the things we have control over, while completely foregoing that by merely existing we’re already beating almost impossible odds.

Do you know just how many parts need to perfectly line up in order to get yourself out of bed in the morning?
The sheer power of every. Single. Movement. Is insane.
Existing in and of itself is a GRAND FUCKING achievement.

And taken for granted.
Way. Too. Often.

I’ve never been a spiritual person, but in these moments that I really start to ponder us as ‘humans’ – I feel this childlike amazement at the sheer awesomeness that is ‘us’.

I mean, I’ll just sit here and press my tongue to the roof of my mouth and try to consider just how many muscles I unconsciously used to make that happen. How can something as intangible as me ‘thinking’ that I want something to happen actually translate to my tongue moving and doing exactly that? It’s insanity. It’s perplexing that that is something that we can do. SO EASILY.

And don’t even get me started on our brains. The unattractive grey gooey blobs in our skull who have the fucking potential to RULE our damn worlds so completely and thoroughly while most of us don’t even have a slight grasp on their potential, let alone the way they go about making the things happen that they so effortlessly make happen. Just thinking that a fleshy, slimy and unattractive pile of goop is something that makes us us, without us being able to really pinpoint how it makes us us, while it still keeps making us us none the less? Fuck. Color me impressed because that sure as hell is worthy of every and any reward in the world.

I mean – I’m fucked up enough that once I start thinking of something I’ve done a 1000 times unconsciously (like doing something with the one hand, while doing something else with the other) I completely lose the capability of doing said thing while actively trying to figure out how to do it. Damn brain works better without me trying to figure out how it does what it does. Brains. Are. Fucking. Champions.

And we are Wonderous. Miraculous. Amazing and Incomprehensibly AWESOME for just defying ALL of the deafening hordes of odds needed to even become who we are even when we’re not trying.
How the hell am I trying to still be better when in fact I’ve already been a glorious creation from the moment my first cell split in two!?

It’s an issue with our standards that’s causing us to be unhappy.

The fault is DEFINITELY never within ourselves. And THAT is what I’m telling myself now, every time I do commit to a goal. It’s a bonus. Not a deal-breaker.

Because I am already the best I can possibly be.

29 thoughts on “Perfectly Amazing

  1. When The Dance
    Move And Song
    Note Of Bliss


    As Bliss

    All That’s

    Left To Do

    Is Effortless Ease
    Of “Non-Knowing”

    Bliss in


    Flow of Nirvana
    Nope no Woo As
    Science Shows
    Just A Common

    Way of
    Heaven Within

    Sweet Spot
    Tween Apathy
    And Anxiety

    Escaping The


    The Most Evolved
    Other Areas Of
    Human Potential

    Of Mind


    The 5 Percent
    Of Conscious
    Mind Most Folks
    Tap Into What They

    Believe in
    As a much
    More Limited


    At This

    Moment There
    Are No Limits

    For A Dance
    And Song Still
    Driven By


    And Song

    Free No Longer
    Earth Bound Misfit
    Trapped in A Much
    Much Smaller

    Mind And
    Body Flesh
    And Blood



    A New World
    Of Existence Within

    That Science Backs

    Up As Real



    Worlds of

    Real Soul Now

    Again “A Brand
    New World” Just
    Waiting to Be Reborn


    Yet Half

    The World


    A Dirt

    For Smaller
    Souls And
    Demagogue Suits
    And Covered Soul
    Potential Robes


    So Like
    The Traveling
    Snake Oil Sales
    Folks Seeking


    Small Souls…



    Do As Promised
    On 5th Avenue




    Now in Broad Daylight

    For All To Remember
    No Different


    The Old
    Adolph God Days…

    Yes Dear Do Breathe
    Deeper Be More


    The Tools

    You Use And

    The Tools


    Use You


    The Tool

    Let it Be Your

    Servant And Slave…

    Love People Till




    With Least
    Harm Indeed
    i’ve Already




    From A Cat And Dog…


  2. So interesting. It’s very true as a species we are said to be the ultimate creation of God. And that itself is proven by the way we are seeing the world now as compared to the stone age.


  3. This post! This post! This post! Yaasssssssssssssssssss!!! All they way 😀 Life is a gift, every second is precious and so many people don’t realize it. Wonderful post (and it had me laughing too!) ❤


  4. I love the idea of a goal being a bonus and not a deal-breaker. I’ve been looking at my goals like that a lot lately. I celebrate myself for even setting a goal to begin with. Then I celebrate myself for putting in the effort to reach it, and also for getting close even if I don’t fully achieve it.

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  5. Well expressed and I totally agree. Of course there is nothing wrong with having goals etc, but I think the world revolves around setting goals and “getting things done”, rather than pausing to appreciate the other things life has to offer.

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  6. Yes I tend to do this type of thinking when I can’t sleep and then I spiral bc my thought process very quickly goes from wow the brain is just a slab of meat how is it possible we are alive how does it connect energy and keep us thriving after millions of years my God we’re all gonna die one day lol and then I hopefully pass out from fear of my own thoughts LOL *FACEPALM EMOJI*


  7. Exactly my thoughts!!! I love to compare us and our brains to supercomputers, especially when my memory is full or I need a reset… (And silently, I hope to discover one day how to unleash the secret easter-egg-upgrade program and use even more of my incredible brainpower😂)

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