Peer pressure

I suppose this is what I get for moving to a small Christian town: I just went out and delivered 10 Christmas cards directly to my neighbours mailboxes.

I don’t send Christmas cards.


I never understood the need, want or necessity of it. Until I received 4 cards from neighbours I only randomly greet in the street if they happen to be outside when I walk to or from my car. They sent em cause they’re nice fucking people. Now I have to because my adled brain is convinced it would be unforgivingly rude not to. Fucking peer pressure.

So I bought cards. Inscribed an unheartfelt message on ’em. And shoved em into the mailboxes on all the houses in my street. While feeling grumpy about it. Grmbl.

I fucking need them to take my packages when I’m not home. And to not make noise complaints when the house gets rowdy. I DON’T need them to send me cards tho. And they still did.

Fucking peer pressure. They started it.


42 thoughts on “Peer pressure

  1. I hate Christmas cards, in fact I’ve not sent any for the last 5 years or so, they are a fucking waste of time, no one really appreciates them. Next year just don’t bother if they send any to you, they will get the message.

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    1. Meh. My ex pushed me to be kind to these people. Greet them. Get into a conversation every now and then. Create some goodwill in a clingy town like mine.

      Seemed like a dumb thing to do. But even dumber to let the effort go to waste I guess. Now I’m in good graces for a while, I figure.

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  2. If you don’t really mean to wish them well, I understand this peer pressure is a bitch. For me, it was much easier to just send the people I wish good health and happiness a warm hug by means of a postcard (a squirrel hug which I drew myself, to add a smile). But then I hate these video calls in which the first question is if you’re not having covid yet followed by 20 minutes of talking about how terrible and frustrating this whole thing is… so I just send a postcard. I’m a coward.

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  4. Lol, this is a whole mood though.. seriously.. I feel the same when people get mad me and my husband arent the kind of people to just be super social and buy shit for anyone. I love giving but we don’t have the money, but peer pressure when they randomly get us something, I hate when people buy me shit bc then I feel I need to return the favor when I can’t or dont want to. Lol… and when we would rather hang out alone and play games by ourselves and the people we live with want to play games, PEER PRESSURE. Lol, nooooo leave us alone! We 😅🙌🏻💛 Thanks for this!

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  5. I sent Christmas cards on a regular basis for a while. About 10 years ago, I realized I was just too busy this time of year, and I didn’t have enough pretty pictures or interesting things to report from the previous year, so I just kind of stopped. But I like getting cards from other people. So whenever someone, for example, shares a post on Facebook asking for everyone’s addresses so they can send cards, I always give the disclaimer that I won’t be sending one back, so I understand if they don’t want to send me one without getting one in return. (Most of the time, they still want to send one, which is nice.)

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  6. I hope you like people who have a different view point. In my opinion I know that crappy neighbours is very stressful and no fun at all. i had a neighbour pound on my door once because I told him to turn it down at 2 am and I had a 5 month old daughter that couldn’t sleep.

    Two years ago I was doing dialysis on Christmas Day- count your blessings.

    If you have neighbours that don’t leave garbage on your doorstep, will pick up packages, help you keep your neighbourhood less vandalized or worse – fantastic. Peaceful coexistence is a blessing. Maybe peer pressure bugs you but it’s for nice things like having people who smile and recognize you as belonging. So much to swear about in the world – but not people who have the audacity to want you to have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy happy new year. Light a candle my blogging friend, Best wishes – David

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    1. I do always appreciate a different viewpoint – but as for the concept of Christmas cards: I don’t really see them as the foundation for that peaceful coexisting ;).
      If we can’t do that without a card…I think there’s something very wrong, haha!


      1. 👍I understand. There are some people who I see so seldom. The lady who delivers my newspaper once a week I exchange a card and message only at Christmas with a thank you tip. My neighbors only when I see them when walking the block. Now I have new ones down around the corner I have not met.


  7. In small Christian towns, I believe they don’t say “fucking” or “bitches.” 😂 Next time, send them an email. It’s free and doesn’t take up too much time.

    I used to send Christmas cards. One year I ended up with an overstock of cards so I sent out 50+ cards. Did anyone send any cards in return? Nope. I gave up because I realized that nobody cared. What’s the point of putting so much effort into something, and people can’t even take the time to say thank you or let me know that they received their mail? Fuck that. No more Christmas cards from me. This year, I sent 0 cards because I just didn’t have it in me to bother.

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    1. That would require me having any of their email addresses 😉
      Which I don’t :O

      And good on you for doing what suits you, instead of the rest of the world!

      (PS. I’m pretty sure most of my vocabulary and preferences don’t fit a small christian town, hahaha!)

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  8. I do love the idea of Christmas cards, especially from people who live far away or that I don’t see too often. However, it does seem quite unnecessary to send your neighbours Christmas cards… I do understand your feeling of pressure, I would definitely feel the same way. Interesting topic I must say xx

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    1. Yeah, a card that actually takes some thinking and travelled the world to bring it’s news, to me, feels very different than just slipping an envelope through the neighbors maiolbox. 0 effort and all of the expectations. No bueno.

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  9. I’ve always read about the sales strategy of ‘giving people free stuff so that they’d be obliged to buy from you’, and never thought that it’d work until now, lol. On a side note, have a Merry Christmas!

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  10. I’m separated geographically from most of my family and close friends from school. We’re spread out across four time zones. I have a nephew in the Navy. God and the Navy only know where he is. I used to send Christmas cards with a long form letter every year as a way of catching up with everyone. I still send cards to two of my aunts. One is nearing eighty. This year, I just decided not to send the usual letter. We really haven’t done much.

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