Cookie crumbles

As I wait for the next batch of food to arrive,
From the hands of another stranger..
I stare at a lonely crumb on the edge of the couch.

So gruesomely broken
Torn away from the whole it once was.
Just a remnant of a previous self.

Useless now. A mere distraction.
And just a reason for cleaning up.
No longer enticing, or cause for joy,
No longer a part to a bigger picture.

It makes me think of you, and the pieces of us.
And the way we lost all of that into splinters of self.
Just parts of a glorious past, stuck to a teetering edge.
Mere moments from being cast aside.

And while my heart bleeds at that train of thought – my head just adds:
Ain’t that the way the cookie crumbles’.

18 thoughts on “Cookie crumbles

  1. So I really want to see more poems from you. Excellent. I wish I could write poems like that. I couldn’t either see meaning in a cookie crumb…I would just brush it away but you wrote a great poem about it…

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