Heart-body Connections?

Interesting factoids have always been one of my favorite things to ‘know‘. Trivia that might be slightly useless in daily goings-on but that are mightily interesting to drop in a casual conversation. So when I opened James’ World today and read the list of info he’d compiled, I was obviously delighted. Mostly because a lot of them were entirely new to me.

And then my head did that thing where it connects unlike things to eachother and clicks into a session of mesmerized pondering. (Aka: my mind wandered off and drew some weird lines that I felt an incessant urge to write down for you all to read). What did it connect, you wonder? Well – there were a couple of very interesting facts in that list I linked that were very body-related. And my brain figured that, maybe, just maybe, our hearts might work in similar ways (however detrimental that may be):

Interesting little fact number 1:
If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. When a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off.

Entirely true, judging from the fact that I’ve spent many a hungover morning forcing myself to replenish my shriveled up body, with every part of me protesting the influx of water. Thirst gone after consuming way too much evil wine. Until you get yourself to a hydrated enough level that you just…keep….gulping.

But you know what that just makes me realize?
My heart is much the same. And I’m guessing a lot of hearts out there might feel the same way: when you spend a long long time deprived of intimacy. Deprived of warmth and love. When you forget what it’s like to open your heart to someone – your heart shuts off that part of itself that wants to be loved.

The longer I go alone, the less I feel like not-being-alone. We protect ourselves from that longing for that which we cannot have. Subconsciously. Not just on that physical level of the water needed to replenish our bodies, but also on the emotional/spiritual level of needing love to feed our hearts and souls. Self-sabotage disguised as self-protection, if you ask me.

Interesting little fact number 2:
The tooth is the only part of the human body that CAN’T heal itself.

Well. There ya have it folks. Even if you’re going to the fucking deepest vale of despair in the village of broken hearts right now: it’s scientifically proven. That heart-o’-yours? It’s gonna heal. Because it’s not a damn tooth and it WILL mend. Eventually.

Which is soothing in a way, but also kinda crappy. Because things that mend can also break again. And hearts are (sadly) quite sucky at healing, in my experience.

I’ve broken a whole lotta bones in my life, each of them healing stronger every time (that’s what breaks do to ya, the heal up stronger than they were pre-break, with a higher bone density and thicker connections). Bones are smart like that, they don’t wanna break again. Hearts don’t. They just open up for new heartbreak each time, becoming more and more fragile on each break, breaking a whole lot faster the next time on the merry-go-round. But hey, at least they DO heal. Even though it sometimes doesn’t feel like it.

Interesting little fact number 3:
When a person is dying – hearing is the last sense to go. The first sense lost is sight.

One of those ‘I-dunno-if-I-was-ready-to-know-this‘ facts. Confronting but still, it makes sense. ‘The light died in her eyes‘, I can’t count the number of times I read or watched variations on this in books and movies, where a character is slowly drifting off into the darkness of death and indeed, where eyes go empty first.

And do you know what I’ve found?
In those moments that I considered my heart to be dying, or to be dead – that loss of sight was undeniably there. Tying in to that first interesting fact, the heart no longer sees clearly when it’s dead or dying. It no longer focuses its gaze on potential but loses the brightness required to see a new future. We stop looking, stop ourselves from staring ourselves blind on new ventures and men. Close our eyes at the darkness descending. Poetic, but true.

Luckily we also have interesting fact 2 that is going to make sure the light WILL eventually flicker back on. A heart will heal, no matter how dried up and dead it might be. And since we’ll still have our sense of hearing up until that actual death, we can still be talked to. Still be lifted from the grave by words of encouragement. Still have our heart healed faster with words of comfort and reassurance. Or confessions of love. The death of a heart is never permanent. In that sense. Lucky us.

Is this too much silly pondering for an early Monday Morning?
But yaknow – it’s still better than writing about my complete unwillingness to trade in that penguin onesie for something that is presentable enough for my next Teams call. Or my softball gear later today. Because I’m a lazy fuck. Right? Right.

18 thoughts on “Heart-body Connections?

  1. I love you zoe, with all my heart and soul, you are without doubt the most beautiful woman in the world, your wonderfully amazing, awesomely sexy, brilliantly intelligent, in my eyes the most perfect woman on the planet, is you head getting bigger, are you blushing yet lol lol my heart is and always will be yours forever my friend ❤❤❤ you are a goddess among us mortals.


      1. I like to give encouragement where is due, you are a valued friend, love all your blog posts, you deserve all the compliments in the world, i love you forever my blog friend ❤❤❤


  2. Thinking about thirst…
    Sometimes we really need the touch of love… of affection and understanding…
    and, having felt all those things that hurt us in the soft parts that reach for such beauty, we pull away…
    we find that lone wolf spirit in ourselves, and a special kind of love we have stored up there, when all others fail.
    Or something.
    I’m a bit random right now, so this might just be one of my doomed teeth talking.

    Liked by 1 person

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