Two-sided: Introduction

Yesterday I spent a while in my teeny tiny garden, basking in the sun for a bit.
A book at my side, a glass on the table. Something crispy to chew on. It was a great lazy afternoon, a perfect start to my mini-vacation this week. Sunny, warm and delicious.
The year had started so promising in that regard, but my sunbathing intentions and perfect tan were never brought into being with the snooty summer we’ve had. So now I take the few minutes of sun that still grace my yard whenever I can.

And that’s when my eye fell on the tiles below my feet. I’m usually very capable of ignoring things-I-don’t-wanna-see, so I’d not paid attention to the weeds sticking up from pretty much any spot between the many tiles for a good while. I hate rooting out weeds with a passion, and that’s very visible at my place. As I grumpily decided I’d have to do something about that (and telling myself today would be that day), I got to thinking about the weeds themselves.

And immediately found myself stuck on a cross-roads of thinking about weeds as a pest or a present. Each train of thought lead to an interesting bridge and conclusion and the grand total of this pensive moment showed me how everything in life has its two sides. Its multiple ways of being viewed. Its inherent duality. It’s negatives and positives Something we too easily ignore, in favor of whatever suits us best on any given topic, if you ask me.

So I decided on writing all of that down. That’s what blogs are for, right?
And since the odds of me writing it down greatly exceeded the odds on me actually clearing up the yard – I’m mostly gonna be doing the latter this morning. The result of which you’re now currently reading. An introduction into this two-sided series – where I’ll tackle the puzzling life of weeds from two angles. Will you let me know which angle you like best?

Two-sided – Introduction (you’re here)
Two-sided – Growing Strong
Two-sided – Weed Whacking

5 thoughts on “Two-sided: Introduction

  1. Nice idea! Looking forward to seeing where it leads. Or hating it… Have I got the hang of this duality lark?!

    P.S. I think it was only last year when I realised that there’s not really such a thing as a category of plant that’s a weed. It’s just any plant growing where you don’t want it. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, like you’ve said.

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