A lesson learned. A losing game.

Some images evoke stories. Words. Dialogue.

And some have the power to evoke emotions. That in turn take form in words. Like this one above, sent to me by a friend as a daily dose of peptalk. Only to lead to the poem found below:

A losing game

We were always at odds.

Yet oh so in sync.
But you never played fair.

We would always burn bright.

Yet were blinded by love.
And you never played fair.

We felt bound by our depth.

Yet drowned in ourselves.
Since you never played fair.

And now all that we have.

Is a lesson to learn.
Cause our love wasn’t fair.

25 thoughts on “A lesson learned. A losing game.

  1. Incredible!
    Wizard of Words: ”We were always at odds / Yet oh so in sync / We felt bound by our depth / Yet drowned in ourselves”

    But most of all:
    A lesson LEARN-ed and a WIN at the same time
    Mandela would have been proud of you!

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  2. Really loved this! This happens to me too. A word or phrase or line evokes images and bang, off goes the imagination describing everything and nothing – the sounds equal to the silence.
    Great post! Loving your words!

    Liked by 1 person

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