Cheers to fresh starts!

To share or not to share – that has always been a question for me.

To say I’m an open book is an insane understatement, something which (in the past) has worked FOR me almost as much as it has worked against me. I write about me. All of me. Without excuses. About my life, my thoughts, my experiences. And I write about them directly, without conforming to what might be perceived as the usual boundaries of what might be acceptable to share. It gets uncomfortable. I hit on TMI (too much information) zones. I don’t shy away from awkward. Hell – I even write down the bloopers from my daily shenanigans in an attempt to lighten the load of the universe and its seriousness.

There’s advantages to it…that are more often than not completely outweighed by the negatives that might follow on (over)sharing. But the answer has always been the same for me: share.

It’s interesting to me how curiosity works in that regard.
People want to know (everything about everyone) – but they prefer it if you don’t know that they know. But when they do know that you know they know- they want you to know that they know AND suddenly feel the freedom to impose their judgment and opinions on you for what they now (think they) know. Which is fine – because that’s where the interaction starts. Where the opportunities for growth exist. Where you can be challenged and enriched and….shit – also hurt and made vulnerable.

But not-sharing has never been an option for me. The openness I portray in my writing (and daily life) in the areas of my choosing, allows me to create and keep room for the things that I do keep close to my chest. By being open – I permit myself to stay closed. If that makes sense.

So with this shiny new blog, and fresh start in the world of online journaling (what’s the fun of gathering experiences if no one knows you are, eh?) I’m climbing back in the pen that I’ve been missing. And whether you like it or not – the answer is still: share!

Welcome to the party!

8 thoughts on “Cheers to fresh starts!

  1. Intriguingly interesting – raised glass to fresh starts 🙂 I too get word horny and l too, always touch the infinite lines of invisibility of that greatest of abbreves TMI – welcome. I know you’ve been here for a while, but welcome all the same 🙂

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