Witty Wisdoms

It’s official – Past mistakes can lead to copious amounts of comfort food accompanied by the watching of the rom-est of romcoms, excessive reflecting on life choices and most importantly: making bad new ones. Which, after the fact, can usually all be blamed on wine (and the likes). But there is also wisdom to be gained in our losses, like there is in most things in our lives. So looking back on minor fuck-ups may bode well for avoiding them in the future – and these pensive ponderings I will be sharing will (hopefully) be the birthing ground of new wisdoms and better approaches to myself, love and life in general. Here’s hoping!

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Hearty Histories

There’s a certain beauty in the quote ‘I may be alone, but I’m never lonely’.
Yet I (and many with me) still fear the day that we’re found dead in our house amidst an army of empty pizza boxes ‘only‘ three months after they’ve perished from too much Netflix (and possibly…the flu). Lucky for us lonely catladies in training – there’s the marvelous world of (online) dating. And the tales of it’s horrible inhabitants (read: terrordates!). Follow along as I venture out into the world again – to slay the double standards of assigned promiscuity and find the way to the holy grail of true love again (or: just go down swinging).

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Daily Ditties

One can only do so much girls nights and casual dating without having to attend to the normal daily routines. Plus – suggesting that ones life may only exist around (the search for) togetherness and that knight in shining armor may be somewhat vexing for those believing to be ‘more‘ than just pawns on the board of love. And honestly – there IS more to life (it’s just a hell of a lot less interesting to write about). But for those of you who might take up an interest in what I could possibly be getting up to in between disasters – this is a category to keep you posted. Warning: topics may include kittens, drooling over food items and total insanity.

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Latest Posts

Coffee Crime

When it comes to being an attentive hostess, I’ve never been the most talented of household-goddesses. My idea of being a good host mainly hinges on the presence of a LOT of everything in the house. The service doesn’t really come included. So if you end up on my couch – you best get comfortableContinue reading “Coffee Crime”

In short!

It’s official. I’m turning into one of those porch hag old bitter ladies. You know the type, sitting in their rocker, looking out over their tiny front yard and angrily shaking their fist at the youngsters passing by al raucously, skirting too close to her gardenias. Now, with my talent for killing flowers I obviouslyContinue reading “In short!”


Sometimes I have these days where I feel a bit disconnected from the world around me. I don’t know if disconnected is the right word to use, because it’s not really what I mean exactly. They’re days where I feel a little fuzzy. Not the fluffy kind – but the grey-snow-on-the-tv kind of way. Scrambled.Continue reading “‘Real’.”


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I won’t be slaying dragons, or conquering kingdoms in my time. But if I write about thinking about it….
That still sorta counts….

– Moi